Teeth Whitening

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What is Teeth Whitening?

If your teeth are stained, yellowed and discolored, you might not feel good about yourself. You may avoid smiling or even talking to people because of the way that your teeth look. Thankfully, professional whitening is helpful when it comes to getting rid of the stains and discoloration. You will find that your teeth are whiter, brighter and that you have more confidence.

Why is Teeth Whitening needed?

Teeth whitening may be needed if your teeth are stained or discolored. Teeth can become dull and yellow for a range of different reasons. Whether you’re a smoker, coffee drinker, taking a certain type of medication or just beginning to age, your teeth may not be as white and brilliant as you want them to be. You may even be planning an event, like a wedding, and want to know that you look your best. Whitening is helpful when it comes to improving your appearance and even turning back the hands of time.

What Is Teeth Whitening
Who Is A Candidate For Teeth Whitening

Who is a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Whitening is most useful for patients with natural teeth. Even professional whitening will not be able to lighten your restorations any more than they were when they were placed. This includes veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding and fillings. However, the majority of people who want to whiten their teeth professionally can benefit from the procedure.

What happens during Teeth Whitening?

There are a few different whitening options available to you. In-office whitening can be done to transform your smile in a short period of time. This is helpful for patients who want quick and immediate results that are dramatic. You can make use of our take-home whitening system, which is done by making custom-fitted trays that fit perfectly to your teeth. These trays are then filled with a professional-quality whitening gel that works to lift and dissolve stains for several hours while the tray is being worn. Whitening is a great way to spruce up your smile and improve your overall appearance.

If you think you might benefit from teeth whitening and want to learn more about the procedure, call our office so that we can get you in to experience the difference in personalized care and minimal wait times.