Dental X-Rays

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What are Dental X-Rays?

X-rays are helpful when it comes to finding and diagnosing a range of dental problems. Unfortunately, not everything that’s going on with your smile can be seen with a typical examination. Impacted teeth, underlying abscesses and bone loss are often only detectable with an x-ray. We use low-radiation x-rays to help provide us with detailed images of your teeth and underlying bone structure. We use these images as part of your continuing care in our welcoming, family-friendly office.

Why are Dental X-Rays needed?

X-rays are often needed when a normal exam isn’t sufficient enough to identify problems or other dental conditions. For example, you may need to have x-rays taken if you suspect that you have impacted wisdom teeth. X-rays are often taken at emergency appointments to help identify and treat the problem. You can expect these images to be taken at most appointments so that we can check and monitor for any changes.

What Are Dental X Rays
Who Is A Candidate For Dental X Rays

Who is a candidate for Dental X-Rays?

Because we use safe x-ray technology that utilizes minimal amounts of radiation, they’re safe for every member of your family. The benefits of having x-rays are important to your overall dental health. We often take x-rays at each of your bi-annual dental checkups and on an as-needed basis otherwise. If it’s been awhile since your last set of x-rays, you can expect a full set to be taken at your next appointment.

What happens when Dental X-Rays are taken?

A lead vest is draped over your body before the x-rays are taken. This helps to keep you protected and safe during the x-ray procedure. Our professionally trained staff member will then place a small device in the mouth and angle the x-ray machine at this device. The image will then be taken and the process is repeated until all of the x-rays are exposed. We then use these x-rays to help in identifying different problems while simultaneously creating a treatment plan for you.

If you need new dental x-rays and are looking for a personable office with low wait times, call us so that one of our staff members can further assist you.