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Lindsey W.
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The staff is so friendly, engaging, and to top it off...have a great sense of humor. Which is good and bad when you are trying to laugh and keep your mouth open wide enough to get a tooth yanked. 🙂 The space is immaculate and completely the opposite of a typical medical office feel. Beautiful interior design coupled with aesthetically comfortable and cozy lighting. Complimentary tea and Perrier while you wait. The bathrooms provide female products (wink) and toothbrushes. Jen, who is usually at the front desk is a little firecracker and I always love seeing her when I visit. I found this spot based on my insurance and am so glad I did. The doctor called me the day after my fillings just to see if I was doing okay and not suffering from any discomfort or sensitivity. She even remembered the evening plans following the visit and asked me how they went. I HIGHLY recommend this place. It will change your concept of 'going to the dentist'. Street marking also makes for easy access. Stop by the Shake Shack a few blocks away, order a delicious shake, and start working on your next cavity!
Jared M.
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I hadn't been to a dentist in an embarrassingly long time, due to multiple bad prior experiences leaving me with a huge amount of anxiety when it came to the dentist. From the first time I called in and spoke with Jen, I had a good feeling about the practice. Dr. Seto met with me for a consultation and truly listened to my background, concerns, and goals. We formulated a plan to ease my anxiety through sedation and Dr. Seto has now performed my restorative work with ease (and amazing results!). The visits have honestly been pleasurable experiences- something I thought I would never say! Dr. Seto, and the entire staff have completely changed my outlook on dentistry. Feeling so comfortable now, I decided to pursue Invisaligns and the process has been amazing so far. The office is amazing and trendy- nothing you would expect from a traditional office and I love it. Dr. Seto and the entire staff are incredible.
Gary F.
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I was blessed to be assigned to Dr. Seto as a patient when she was in her final year of study at The Texas A&M College of Dentistry. She carefully listened to my problem and, rather telling me what should be done, she explained the options and we decided the best course of treatment as a team. Being a retired science teacher, I had an endless stream of questions which she welcomed and patiently answered at my level of understanding. Roles reversed for me. She was the teacher; I was the student. Of the very few great physicians I have known, I consider them all to be outstanding teachers, willing to share their knowledge. I count Dr. Seto among these great folks. The day the crown arrived from the lab we were both amazed at the beauty of the metal; this gold crown was a first for both of us. And like the creator of a beautiful piece of jewelry, Dr. Seto spent extra time to polish it to perfection. Throughout the treatment I was overwhelmed with her expertise, kindness, care, and compassion. We spent many hours together completing the treatment that was required and we became friends. Unfortunately, one’s friends sometime let them down. I had looked forward to being her patient for many, many years but it was not to be. She moved to Denver and I have not been able to persuade her to return to Texas… yet. Denver, take advantage of this wonderful lady’s talents while you can because I will continue to urge her to come home…